Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. The groceries are bought so that means I'm ready. I love Thanksgiving. Think of it, very few expectations, make dinner and you're covered. After that, it's visit, relax, and eat to your heart's content. I don't think calories count on Thanksgiving Day. (That's because come Black Friday you are supposed to run them all off, but that's another blog entry!)
I am so thankful for so many things. I have been blessed many times over, as most of us have. If I were to blog about all of my blessings, my computer would start smoking, so suffice to say, I am a lucky woman. Thank you, thank you!
The other day I was cleaning and happened across a small card given to my son from his kindergarten teacher. This was no ordinary teacher. You know that long poster you see in the inspirational stores, "Everything I know I learned in kindergarten?" This teacher could have written it. She tried so hard to teach everyone the school curriculum, go above and beyond in nurturing those poor frightened little ones on those first scary days, (and calm us poor teary-eyed Moms), and ohmygoodness, she could untie knots in shoes and fix those blasted jammed zippers in winter coats like nobody I have ever seen. She was amazing! The one wish I had was for my sons (yes, both of them were lucky enough to have her) to have a good start into formal education. After all, this was their first glimpse of life beyond the 4 safe walls of home, Mom and Dad. To me it was a BIG deal. I got my wish in spades. She was intuitive, generous with her time and creative beyond anything I had ever seen. So, back to my find the other day...
The thing in my mind that earned her place in heaven was the little Thanksgiving card she gave each child to tell them how special they were and how thankful she was to have them in her class. My son(s) brought the cards home, so proud to be so special to their teacher. I was touched that she thought my child was special enough to put in all of that effort, after all, she had 25 munchkins in her class. We have saved those cards, and yes, they are different. She did not have a "canned" sentiment on every card. What a kind, meaningful gesture. They are priceless. Thank you Mrs. S., Happy Thanksgiving!

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