Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Snapshot in Time

The first time I came to a Florida beach I was so taken with the gorgeous seashells. They had every color of the rainbow, every shape was so new to me and just being washed in, they were wet and shimmering with brilliance in the sun.
I couldn't wait to get up early in the morning and be the first one on the beach at daybreak to get the very best of the new shells. I am an early riser anyway, so this was just an added incentive to get up and out in the fresh sea air and gather my treasures. Off I went with my plastic bucket with the warm sand squishing between my toes. I was so excited, it seemed like every wave brought in a new artist's palette of colorful seashells like a snapshot in time.
Time got away from me. My father-in-law came looking for me. He said, "You know you are not going be able to see every beautiful shell on the beach." Ouch! I knew he was upset with me for staying out so long, but we really didn't have any other plans, so I never figured out the reason for the comment.
However, as years have passed, this comment has come back to me. Isn't the "snapshot in time" true of almost everything we do? If we need to buy a new house, a new car, or even make a career decision or other life altering decision, we look at the seashells (knowledge) before us, weigh the factors at hand and make a decision, using the snapshot in time.
Now my father-in-law's comment has given me peace. I realize I must try to make wise and right decisions, but I realize the limits of how not having "every shell on the beach" may affect them. Make the decisions, then let them go. Things change, a new wave of "shells" may come before you, you may look back and think what a tremendously good decision you made, or you may look back and shake your head wondering why you made that decision. No matter, you decided the way you did because of those particular shells at that particular snapshot in time. Be at peace.

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