Sunday, November 16, 2008

Reviving Romance

Before you say, "Ah Mush!" here is a thought... It is said when you are first in love (young or old) seeing or talking to the other person acts as an amphetamine, your heart beats faster and your palms get sweaty. When your love is established, seeing or talking to the other person acts as a Valium, your heart rate calms and you feel more at peace. Why then, do we take romance for granted? It is good for your sense of well being. Romance requires sincere effort and consistency. Doing one romantic gesture is nice, but being romantic is being tuned in to opportunities and taking advantage of them. Here are some reminders of how to be romantic. We can all use a reminder from time to time. 1. Turn the ordinary into extraordinary. instead of just making the bed, sprinkle rose petals in it. Instead of making dinner, set the table with candles.
2. Consider being romantic as a playful thing Sing a silly song at an unexpected moment.
3. Write a love letter, if you're at a loss for words, use the help of a great poet.
4. Think of a way to compliment him/her everyday, even if it's "you chose great earrings to wear" or "love your shirt".
5. Make eye contact and smile. An unexpected "wink" can make a heart skip a beat.
6. Revive good manners. Open her door, and in turn, ladies open his car door once inside the car. Have his/her car filled with gas and washed.
7. Put on your favorite music. Take your partner in your arms and dance a few steps.
8. Make a CD of your favorite tunes, pop them in his/her car CD player.
9. Unwrap Hershey kisses, save all the "kisses" papers and put in a special gift box. Let your partner know he/she can collect whenever they want to.
10. Place a single rose under the windshield wiper of your partner's car.
11. Put a special piece of candy in your honey's briefcase, lunch box or suitcase.
12. Plan an "experience" for just the two of you, a walk in the park or a visit to a zoo.
13. Buy a $1.00 lotto ticket. Tell them you won the jackpot when you met!
14.Kiss your partner's hand while holding it.
15. Make Valentine's Day your personal holiday and take the day off of work for you to spend together.
16. Write a love letter on a poster using candy to describe the nouns. I hit the (PayDay) when I found you. You are a (Life Saver). You get the drift.
17. Call or text and leave a message just to say, "I Love You!" (Be sure you have the correct number!)
18. Hug...often.
19. Have popcorn, a cold beverage and a movie waiting for right after work.
20. Plan a surprise outing, write it on a piece of paper, put it in a balloon, blow the balloon up and give it to your honey. Watch them pop it in anticipation.
21. Write a note of appreciation for all your partner has done for you, put it in an unusual place, on a bathroom mirror, on the shave can, on a box of cereal, etc.
22. Cut out cartoon or appropriate funnies. Romance is also fun and laughter.
23. Go to the toy store and buy a children's toy for your honey. You're never too old to think young.
24. Take risks in being romantic, some will work, some won't. Be spontaneous, creative and have fun. Take the idea and go with it.
25. Romance is about the little things.

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