Friday, November 28, 2008

Results of Black Friday

I did it! Up at 3:00am and out the door by 3:30am. I scored what I wanted, and somethings I didn't know I wanted until I saw them. HeeHee!
It was off to Walmart where it was hysterical. People in their pajamas, young couples, groups of women, babies, grandparents with carts filled to overflow with battery operated kid sized Jeeps, you name it! Then on to Home Depot, where their were more clerks than people. (Note to self, if you ever want help in Home Depot, go Black Friday before 5:30am.) Yea, right! Off to Starbucks for a cup o' joe. I hit 5 different shopping malls, 3 golf pro shops, and some boutiques. I turned the Christmas carols on in the car and sang to my heart's content in between all the stores. I could go on and on, but suffice to say, got home at 4 pm. That was 12 hours of hard labor. Shopping is done. I even was able to swing by the house, pack up the gifts headed out of state and got them shipped this afternoon.
I am very proud of myself for almost single handedly saving our economy. (Don't tell Jim, he'll learn soon enough.)
What a hoot! It's exhilarating to me. I know to some it would be sheer torture, but I did okay, even at my advanced age. :-) I did pass on this tree topper found at Bass Pro Shop. Yes, it's Santa in his fishing boat pulled by 8 little walleye! The tree is decorated with red and white fishing bobbers. Can you beat that?!?

It's now 5:45 pm. Good night!

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