Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Mother Knows Best!"

When do you learn your Mother is a pretty smart cookie?
When do you learn your Mother is your best cheerleader?
When do you learn your Mother is one of the best gifts life gives us?
A Mother's job is to set high expectations, doesn't matter if you're 12 or 52. It's a Mother's job to let you know if you're slipping or causing yourself unnecessary distress.
As I navigate my life with adult children I realize this territory is not clearly defined. How can I be of assistance and not hover? How can I coach rather than admonish? How can I offer suggestions and at least have it considered before they click the "Delete" button in their brain?
It would be easier to say, "Stop Mothering!" But I can tell you right now, "Ain't gonna happen!" They are stuck with me though thick or thin.
My Mom still gives me advice and I am in the AARP genre. Several years ago, my sister-in-law, Julie and I were comparing "Mom" notes. She was telling me since she lived in the same town as her Mother and saw her almost everyday, without fail, her Mother gave her a daily dose of wisdom/advice. Julie went on, "I'd go home steaming, thinking about how she was driving me crazy. Then I'd go about my day and whatever point she was trying to make almost magically proved to be true. Dang! She was right."
Julie's revelation clicked for me too. When I stopped fighting my Mother's advice and listened, I was amazed how much information she had to impart!
I remember Julie's story everyday as I call my Mother and she gives me her tips. She is right on, almost always. You see, "Mother Knows Best!"
Oh, and kids, if you are reading this, Julie passed this story on to me when I was over 50. Here's my little tip for the day...learn this now and we won't have to wait till you're 50 for you to understand us! :-)

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