Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Manners II

I just read where a seasoned NFL player got fined for not knowing an important rule of the game. Isn't that what manners are, the rules for life? Are we fined for not knowing them? Yes, by bad first impressions, not getting the job promotion and/or not meeting the person we really want to. We all know these things, maybe this review will remind us in case we have gotten a bit too casual in our lifestyle.
* The more professionally you dress and act in the workplace, the more seriously people will take you.
* Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.
* Consult a dictionary for correct spelling, pronunciation and definition of a word.
* Do not curse or whine.
* Whoever initiates the phone call, ends the phone call.
* Know how to end a phone call, "Thank you for the information." "I have enjoyed our conversation." "I hope we can talk again soon."
* Never whisper in the presence of a group.
* When you introduce yourself, extend your hand for a handshake and offer your name in case the person has forgotten it.
* Try not to shake someone's hand over a table, move to close proximity of the person, 2-3 feet, then shake their hand.
* Correct handshake: Extend your hand, never reach. Besure your hands are clean and dry. Offer a firm clasp. Greet the person using eye contact and a smile. The handshake should last for only 2-3 seconds.
* Always bring a hostess gift and write a thank you note.
* Set the table and decide on seating arrangements before the guests arrive.
* Try to avoid being the first to the party or the last to leave.
* Always use a coaster when setting drinks down at someone's home.
* Thank you notes should be written after a job interview, after receiving a gift, after an opportunity, and after a social event.
* Thank you notes should be written within 10 days of event or gift, except for a wedding gift, you have 3 months.
* Thank you notes don't have to be volumes. They can be only three sentences, the reason for the thank you, how the event or gift will benefit you and a closing.
* Do not interrupt someone else's conversation or finish someone else's sentence.
* Always identify yourself on the phone, even if you think the person on the other end of the line should know you.
* Return all phone messages within 24 hours.
* Make your expectations known and express gratitude readily.
* If you find yourself losing your composure in a social situation, whether it be anger, sadness or hilarity, excuse yourself until you can compose yourself.
* When making introductions:
Introduce older person first, introduce woman first. If in doubt an incorrect introduction is better than no introduction.
* It is okay to ask someone's name again if you have forgotten, this time repeat it and try to do a word association so you remember. If you ask every time you meet them, they will think they are not important enough to you for you to remember their name.

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