Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Love To Shop

I love to shop! I am a equal opportunity shopper. I will not discriminate against any type of store, I'll shop at a flea market, Walmart, Target, mall, mom & pop store, museum shop, upscale boutique or internet. I find value in all of them. I used to be defensive about saying that I enjoy shopping for a hobby. Not anymore! Some people go to have a beer, some watch a football game, some work out, some golf, some hunt, and others sit and read. I go shopping.
Before you think, ohmygod, she's a compulsive spender, actually I am not. There is a difference between shopping and spending. I know most men are now rolling their eyes and saying, "I'd rather have my toenails pulled out with no anesthetic." Fine with me, you'd slow me down.
Today I was perusing my local stores and had to smile. I have it all worked out. Shopping is good for my health. Physically, it is aerobic as I dash in and out of the stores my heartrate stays at a pretty good clip, shopping helps my skeletal system as I lift the numerous articles up and down to check for quality (no osteoporosis for me) and I am quite certain it staves off Alzheimers, as I am constantly playing the match game. You've played it before too. It's when you see an item in one store and then you see it at another store, but which store was it on sale? You know one strip mall has your favorite shoe repair shop, but which one is it? These are mind expanding memory games! :-)
The one puzzle I haven't conquered is the game of "Where did you park your car?" American cars don't have much of a problem with this as the "lock" mechanism on the key makes a "Beep" sound. However, German shopping mall lots must not be as large as ours, so their cars are not engineered the same. My car does not have loud "Beep", it is more like a soft "peep". Yes, if there was a support group, I'd have to stand up and say, "My name is Jene and I can't find my car in the shopping mall parking lot." The other group members would shake their heads empathetically and reply "Welcome Jene" and we'd have discussions on how to solve our problem.
I know what I want for Christmas, a GPS system on my keychain to help me find my parked car. I know I'm not the only one that needs this. If it's not invented yet, here's your chance for a big bucks invention.
It's better than the pet rock!

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