Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful

I currently live in glorious Arizona in the Valley if the Sun. I love it here. I haven't always lived here. Infact, I have lived many places, mostly in the snow belt, which I also loved.
I have to say, about this time of year, when I talk to friends and family still living in the snow belt and they tell me it's the first snowfall of the year, I am jealous. I enjoy the snow. I like to shovel (the first few snows), I like to see it out my window, it's like looking at a real, live snow globe, I like to ski, sled, skate and snowshoe. I enjoy putting fire in the fireplace and cooking comfort food as pot roast or the old family favorite, meatloaf. That is until February, then I want instant spring. I have had enough by then. I have friends all over the country. Apparently it is now snowing in the Rocky Mountain states of Colorado and Utah, in the Midwest, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin,, Illinois, and on the east coast of Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire. Right now my friends are sounding the same as I feel, filled with the excitement of the first snow, enjoying the fresh air and seeing the beauty of the first sparkly white snow on the ground. However, they too will be sounding a little different as the winter wears on. That is when you call people like me in Arizona and ask for a reprieve also knows as a "visit."
Someone forwarded me this photo online and I can't resist. It's titled, MN Snorkeling, but could be any state that has snow. Trust me, Minnesota isn't this bad, but I do love the way people can joke about what they can't control. So, for all of you northerners, have a great winter! Call me if you need reprieve.

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