Thursday, November 6, 2008

Christmas is Coming

I was in a store this morning and they were playing Christmas carols. I turned on TV and there were Christmas ads. My church is asking for poinsettia donations for advent. Must mean Christmas is coming soon.
I have decided to do "experience" gifts this year. I am not buying "things". I don't need any more "things". I sometimes think "things" complicate peoples lives. What to they do with the "things" I buy, where do they put them? Are they thoughtfully cared for or thrown in the corner with all of their other "things"? A few years ago my son took me on a 4 day trip to Tokyo. What a memorable, fantastic time! That, however was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, I understand. The current economic times prohibit larks like that.
They say you give gifts you would actually like to receive. Maybe that's it. I would like an experience with my son, even if it's for a cup of coffee and a chat, maybe it's for a ride on his boat and to spend an afternoon, maybe a weekend getaway with my husband, an afternoon hiking with a friend, you get the idea. So, now I have to put on my thinking cap and figure out what "experience" will be memorable for my Christmas gift giving, maybe I'll buy tickets to the Improv over the holidays when we are all together and can laugh and share an evening , maybe it's a zoo membership my son lives close to, but feels guilty in spending the money for, and for my hubby, dance camp? HOHOHO!!

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