Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Cards

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I love Christmas cards. It's the one time of the year to connect with people we have crossed paths with in this life and let each other know we still care about them. I have sent Christmas cards every year since we were married, that's 38 years now. I have a tradition that I send Christmas cards out the first Sunday in Advent, the start of the Christmas season. My friends tease me about getting my card first every year. I don't think they make the connection about why my card is the first to arrive.
I can't wait to get the famous "Christmas card letter". I know they are the butt of most every Christmas joke, but I happen to like them. I like to know what the year has brought to my friends. I must admit, I have never received the real letter about all bad news that circulates the internet this time of year, but that would be pretty funny. For the past few years, I have gotten some cards now with my friends grandchildren photographed. My first thought is it is impossible that my friend's child is old enough to have their own baby. My next thought is "Wow, what a miracle and how special of them to share with me." I wonder if there will be any new babies this year...
I am trying something different this year with my cards. I am doing an internet "Smilebox." I'm not sure how it will go over. The problem was getting our family together for one photograph. The Kodak moment never came. So it became "montage" time. I tried many ways to fit the photos in my Christmas letter, but no can do, so this is the answer I came up with. Besure your speakers are turned on. What do you think?

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