Thursday, October 23, 2008

Life Management Lessons

When I was a little girl I adored my Grandmother, my Mother's Mom. She was kind, funny, warm, loved me unconditionally and wise beyond anyone I had ever met. To this day I adore her and she's been gone for over 20 years. Now there is a legacy! I think back to some of life's lessons and I realize it was she who taught me those important lessons or life management skills.
I look around me and I see those lessons need to be taught to whoever will listen. I don't take credit for them, I am still a student of life, but Grandma, now she knew life management skills.

Lesson #1
"Use it up, wear it out,
Make it do, or do without." ---Grandma Ida

Grandma would take out her sewing machine and remake a dress to today's style. She would never throw anything out just because it didn't have this years hemline or sleeve length. Today I try to not bring anything into my home without getting rid of something all ready in my home. Buy a new pair of black shoes, toss or give away the old ones. I look at them, Grandma would have just polished the old ones and thought they looked pretty good. Should I have done that rather than buy the new ones? Probably. I am still a student. I have to keep practicing. Grandma, I dedicate this to you, the best I ever knew!
I do not have the corner on life management skills. If you want to add your ideas, contact me at Be aware I may publish them.

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