Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Love of Letters

We love letters! Maybe it's because our Grandmas used to tape a quarter (or Juicy Fruit gum) in our letters when we were little. I still love to get a hand written note. Don't get me wrong. I like to hear from people, whether it's by phone, e-mail or text. But the letter holds a sweet place in my heart. It brings personality with the little scrolls, crossed out words, flair and fun (hearts, smiley faces, scribbles, UGHS!?@#!?, you get the drift.)
When I was 18 my sister gave me my first personalized stationery and engraved Cross pens. I thought I had arrived! I still have a penchant for personalized stationery.
When I first got into real estate, it was Tommy Hopkins, I think, that said, "Write 5 personalized notes a day." I did it, 5 days a week. Guess what, it did pay off. I was amazed. Can you imagine today if someone wrote 5 notes a day consistently? Would you know how? What would you say? How about starting with a heartfelt thought?
I have received letters written on Crane stationery, napkins, memo pads, you name it. I love them all. Today if you want to buy some stationery, go to Target, they have a good, inexpensive supply. I have also purchased stationery from, (secret, they will give you 8 samples free), and (pretty inexpensive, remember the old Current catalog you'd pass around to get the best price? It's still there, only online.)
By the way, the photo attached to today's blog are all the letters my hubby and I exchanged over a 3 year period before we were married and he was in college in another city. Can you imagine we survived with only exchanging a letter a week for 3 years? We didn't have enough money to call long distance. Today, one wonders how we could have made it work without texting every hour! Oh yea, brings back memories of spraying the letter with perfume and applying lipstick to kiss the letter to seal it!?! Schmaltzy, (okay, now it's time for a MAJOR eye roll!) Perhaps there is something to "absence makes the heart grow fonder" but that is a topic for another day. Here's something to leave you with...

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