Friday, October 31, 2008

"Trick or Treat"

It's that time of year again, when all the little (and big) kids don their costumes and beg for goodies. I loved going to the kids' school parades and helping with the Halloween party. They were in such a festive mood and all so well behaved. To the nay-sayers that now must call these activities "Fall Festivals" and not allow the children to dress up, I say, "Hogwash!" It won't hurt them to have a little fun. This year I know a little pirate maiden, a white tiger and a fireman. I can't wait till I see them.
A couple of years ago there was a fun activity going around the neighborhood. You wrap a goodie of some sort in a baggie and put it on the door stoop of your friend's home. You ring the doorbell and leave anonymously. It was called, "You've Been BOOed". It is up to them to pay it forward. It was great fun.
This year I was remembered by my friend Molly. Molly and I drank lots of coffee when our kids were teens. We compared notes, shared our angst, and helped keep each other sane during those interesting parenting years. Now Molly is on one coast of the USA and I am on the other. I just got a card from her and it said, "What kind of coffee do Vampires drink?" You open the card and it says, "Decoffinated." Inside was a Starbucks gift card. It made me smile. I went right to my local Starbucks and ordered a cup of java in Molly's honor. I had been "BOOed!" Thanks Molly and Happy Halloween!

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